IP is engaged in various stages of development in energy recovery and CHP opportunities with industrial hosts across the USA and internationally. These projects are typically covered under mutual non-disclosure agreements which preclude disclosure of host name, plant location and project specifics. Contact IP to discuss a potential project or investment opportunity at your facility.

Port Arthur Steam Energy

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Port Arthur Steam Energy LP (PASE) is one of the largest examples of industrial energy efficiency in the United States. This combination steam supply and 5 MW waste heat recovery CHP project, located in Port Arthur, Texas, achieved commercial operation in August, 2005. PASE produces approximately 450,000 lb/hr of high pressure steam from flue gas heat recovered from three petroleum coke calcining kilns at the Oxbow Corporation calcining facility. A majority of the steam is sold to the neighboring Valero- Port Arthur refinery for process use, with the balance used to produce 5 MW of electricity. The power generated is used by Oxbow and PASE to serve internal load requirements, with any excess sold to the utility grid via Entergy.

By capturing the 1800-2000ºF heat that would otherwise be wasted out of the kiln stacks, the steam and power produced have no associated emissions - making PASE an extremely "green" project. The project is capable of recovering nearly 5 trillion BTUs/year, displacing natural gas combustion in fired boilers at the refinery. The project displaces 100% of the fuel that would be burned by typical on-site thermal generation and purchased electricity. Consequently, the CHP system effectively reduces CO2 emissions by an EPA estimated 159,000 tons per year. This reduction is equivalent to the emissions from more than 27,000 passenger vehicles.

The 2004-05 refurbishment and plant upgrade project included a new distributed control system, heightened stacks, boiler tube and refractory replacement, water treatment system upgrade, and the installation of multiclone particulate removal systems to each boiler. Integral Power, LLC led the effort for this unique brownfield re-development project, with funding provided by American Industrial Partners. PASE contracts with North American Energy Services for day-to-day operations and maintenance of the facility.

IP was among seven recipients of the U.S. EPA's 2010 ENERGY STAR CHP Award for the PASE project. The EPA's CHP Partnershp commended IP for "its exceptional leadershp in energy use and management" due to its displacement of fuel by harnessing the facility's on-site thermal energy. Award and list of winners | Award notification


Southeastern U.S. Gas Turbine CHP

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Integral Power is engaged with an undisclosed industrial host in the southeast to develop a 40MW gas turbine combined heat and power project. The project will off-set the plant’s grid purchased power and provide over 150,000 lb/hr of high pressure steam for process use, displacing natural gas firing in auxiliary boilers. The project will also include black start capability to assist the plant in recovery start-up after hurricane outages. With an overall efficiency in excess of 65% and state-of-the-art emission controls, the CHP system will increase the competitiveness of the industrial plant while at the same time helping the environment.



Cement Kiln Exhaust Heat Recovery Project

Integral Power is working under Letter of Intent on a unique energy recovery project at a cement plant in the Southwestern United States. With equipment provided via Houston based Turbine Air Systems, the project will utilize specialty heat recovery boilers to capture high temperature kiln exhaust heat and convert to 6MW power via an Organic Rankine Cycle. Electricity generated by the project will have no associated air emissions. The project is targeted to be on-line in 2013.

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